Glossary of Terms

Balancing Incentive Plan (BIP)
Authorizes federal grants to States to increase access to non-institutional long-term services and supports as of October 1, 2011.
Behavioral Health (BH)
Includes both mental health conditions and substance use disorders.
Behavioral Health Organization (BHO)
Responsible for concurrent inpatient utilization review, monitoring inpatient discharge planning, and working with inpatient facilities, outpatient providers, and local governments to ensure appropriate service planning and continuity of care for high needs individuals with mental illness. MCOs can subcontract BHOs to oversee behavioral health services.
Behavioral Health Professional (BHP)
An individual with an advanced degree in the mental health or addictions field who holds an active, unrestricted license to practice independently. Can also be an individual with an associate's degree or higher in nursing who is a registered nurse with three years of experience in a mental health or addictions setting.